interactive installation


OneHug is a award winning interactive installation, that was internationally exhibited during ars electronica, world usability day and mediale.

The installation encourages visitors to strengthen the awareness of human beings towards ecological problems. The basic idea of this installation is to encourage the visitors to a non everyday activity in order to enable a new experience. This new curiosity should motivate a reflection of their thinking and behaviour. “oneHug” is aimed to guide into a small dream by sound and light to facilitate a moment of joy to the visitors.

In the center of the installation is an interactive replica of a tree, which attracts passersby and asks them for one hug. The tree notices the immediate proximity and reacts by an audiovisual response. The moment of amalgamation between the visitor and the tree is photographically conserved in the tree‘s memory. The memory is visualised by a projection and a special LED display in the treetop. The website ( is supposed to round up the installation, going from public space into private space and connect the visitors virtually, all images are collected at this place.

Capacitive sensors are hidden inside the tree trunk, which perceive the proximity of the visitors - the interface seems to work invisible. Thus it supports the feeling of magic and transmit the idea of sensitivity and not of physical forces.

interactive installation, natural user interface, interaction design, coding, non-profit